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The UK Coastal Series The International Camping Club is nearing completion of phase I launch of the “coastal series” of websites aimed at promoting coastal holidays in the UK The ICC has launched the first video promoting the “coastal series” published on YouTube.    

Fishing Campsites For owners that run Fishing Campsites, those campsites where you can go fishing, we are launching a series of Campsites and Fishing websites. Our previous blog post mentioned Campsites with Fishing. Also in the series is Fishing Campsites… Campsites Where You Can Go Fishing If you run a campsite where you can go [...]

As you may have realised from some of our recent blog posts our network of camping websites is expanding rapidly in 2011.  This is just phase I though ongoing expansion is planned throughout 2011 and 2012 and beyond. So what’s the latest addition to the portfolio? Campsites and is now live and in phase [...]

Anyone who has been following our progress will no doubt have seen by now that what we are all about is camping websites. 2011 sees phase I of our launch of a number of dedicated regional camping websites. Next launched in it’s phase I is Seaside Seaside Campsites is an adidtional camping website in [...]