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New International Camping Club Website The International Camping Club has been very busy in 2011 launching more websites within its portfolio of camping related online resources. As part of the update process for 2011 the international bank camping club has given its own website a fresh clean look. Becoming a member of the International Camping [...]

The International Camping Club has introduced a new support site to make it easier for, campsites, advertisers, and camping businesses to work with the International Camping Club in promoting their camping business and camping resources online. Camping Club is the ICC’s website dedicated to providing support and customer service particularly advertisers, directory listings, and camping busines on [...]

International Camping News In addition to the revamped Camping News (UK) in 2011 and just released the International Camping Club is now working towards promoting International Camping News. A website dedicated to camping news from around the world has been launched today (phase I). We are promoting the International News site on Twitter and Facebook. Phase [...]

Launch of Camping With the Kids (UK) The pace of expansion of the International Camping Club network of targeted websites is relentless. In the UK there are easily over a million people that go camping every year many of those looking for great campsites for the family and great campsites for their kids! Our aim [...]

The International Camping Club’s YouTube Channel Rome was not built in a day… Progress made bit by bit. Having a strategy too helps. The International Camping Club is building the largest and fastest growing network of camping websites online. Our aim at the International Camping Club is to link campers with the camping resources they [...]

International Camping | 2011 Update

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The International Camping Club was originally launched in 2007. We are in the process of updating the International Camping Clubs’s website for a cleaner look and feel. The ICC is a central place for Campsites and Camping Grounds to register and gain access to a growing network of camping website on which to promote their [...] For 2010 there is a new camping website under development. An international camping site aiming to list campsites from around the world. The site will be featuring campsites from around Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia initinally. The site want to hear from any campsites and campgrounds around the world interested in being listed. [...]

One of our aims it to create the biggest international network of campers and camping sites. Our central website for members of the network is on The club is free to join for basic members who want to join the network. Camping locations can register in our “listings” section.  Registration with the club is [...]