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Campsites in

One of our featured websites in the UK is

This is part of our UK regional sites and there are seperate sites for Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Campsites in England was a new addition to the portfolio in additional to our current main UK website on Campsite Directory.
The aim of the Campsites in England website is to specifically list some of the featured campsites in our listings around England.
The site is divided into regional sections for the South West, South East, Midland, North East and North West of England.
The sites aims to be keyword specific for internet searches for “campsites  in England” and keywords related to this, North, South, East, West etc.
As the site progresses we will be adding sections for campsites near cities and towns.
If you rund a campsite in England then getting a keyword related listing on Campsites in England is a good investment. The cost of featured listing is not high and are discounted for premium listings on Campsite Directory the main website for the UK specifically.
Your listing page can be submitted to us by email and a number of ways online. That way you can design the layour of your page listings as you want.
Alternatively we can design the page for you…
Campsites can also be promoted by animated banner ads via our central Online Banner site
Campsites and - International Camping

For 2010 there is a new camping website under development.

An international camping site aiming to list campsites from around the world.
The site will be featuring campsites from around Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia initinally.
The site want to hear from any campsites and campgrounds around the world interested in being listed.
In phase I of launch we will update you with the progress of the site as it happens.
Any sites interested in being listed can register at the International Camping Club website.
The site will also have sections for camping suppliers and camping shops and websites.
If you interested in getting your camping business listed you can follow the news here on our blog.
Such a great domain name it will do well in keyword searches so don’t delay in getting your listing on the site.

Apart from finding campsites and camping locations campers are interested in news about camping and from camoing businesses.

Details of the latest products and special offers.

New developments at existing camping locations and campsite and new campsites being opened.

Camping exhibitions to visit..

These are but some examples.

Our news sites are aimed at helping distribute camping news around the world wide web.

After all news and updates are only as good as the content and the number of people it reaches. Why issues news if you don’t aim to distribute it to as many people as possible.

News from our central camping news websites is distributed across our growing portfolio of camoing related websites.

Keyword important websites with lots of visitors on a daily basis.

A distribution network across the web for canping news and camping resources.

One of our aims it to create the biggest international network of campers and camping sites.

Our central website for members of the network is on

The club is free to join for basic members who want to join the network.

International Camping

Camping locations can register in our “listings” section. 

Registration with the club is free. Some of the services the club offers such as featured directory listings for camping locations are subscription based.

One of the advantages of the club for campsites, camping location and camping businesses is that it is one central place to register and maintain your record.

The number of online directories and information sites about camping we are publishing is growing.

Registering with the International Camping Club is an easy way to maintain your listings data and submit web content from within your listing (subscription based members).

ICC Members

The site is our central blog site for the team that publish and a host of other camping related websites.

Campsite Directory

Campsite Directory was one of our first camping websites and is a directory of over 2000 UK campsites.

There is also a directory of over 750 UK camping shops and retailers on Campsite Directory to help you find local camping suppliers in the UK.

No camping holiday would be complete without some great places to visit or days out.

Campsite Directory brings you a great solution for this too. A directory of over 500 UK days aout and places to visit.

So if your planning a UK camping holiday in 2010 the is a great online camping website.

You won’t be alone. Campsite Directory gets hundreds (in peak months) thousands of visitors every day!

The team behind campsite directory are going global though.

For instance we are developing a site on where we will be developing directories of campsites and campgrounds around Europe, the USA, Australia and other countries around the world.