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Our “Top 100 Campsites” website has now received it’s phase II launch in 2011.

Top 100 Campsites

Top 100 Campsites

As the name suggests the site is only about featuring the top 100 campsites in the UK.

How do we decide what are the top 100 campsites? We don’t you do !

Our 500 Best Campsites site is undertaking a survey to find the best 500 campsites in the UK.

Only the top 100 campsites from the surveys will be featured on top 100 campsites.

The best of the best in other words.

Campsites that don’t make it into the top tear votes won’t be featured it is as simple as that.

Aims of Top 100 Campsites

The aims are simply to promote the top campsites only. Promoting the top also encourages less popular campsites to perhaps try a bit harder to please their visitors.

The simple reward for being a good site and making it into the “top 100″ is more visitors.

How to Vote

Voting is easy and no registration or personal details are required to vote for campsites in the voting.

Voting is taking place on Sites are listed by county.

If the campsite you think deserves to be in the top 100 is not yet nominated you can nominate the campsite using the “nominate a campsite” links on the site.

You can follow the progress of the Top 100 Campsites website here on our central Camping Blog Spot or on Twitter at

You can help by mentioning the site in your blog, twitters or facebook pages as the more voters the best the results.

We only want to feature the top voted campsites in Top 100 Campsites so your votes and nominations are important.


For the campsites that make it into the top 100 campsites listings the campsites will be able to feature our award shield on their own website to let visitors to their website know that are a top 100 voted campsite on an annual basis.

Categories for top campsite will include, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Top 100 Campsite award

Top 100 Campsite Annual Award

Other categories planned for 2011 are “Coastal Campsites” and “Campsites in National Parks”.


Visit the website for more information.



Many of the websites we publish are to do with camping and campsites.

Many good campsites are also on “Holiday Parks” but not all holiday parks have camping facilities.

The two however are closely related.

We are splitting the holiday parks that we deal with into some websites dedicated to holiday parks whether or not they accept tents or tourers.

Holiday Parks that don’t accept tents and tourers are being removed from campsite specific websites such as Campsite Directory.


For 2011 we are Looking for the top voted holiday parks


The “Best Campsites” series of websites we pubish is now being complimented with the “Top Holiday Parks” website.

Top Holiday Parks

Now you can nominate and vote for what you think are the best Holiday Parks in the UK too.

In order to be featured on the Top Holiday Parks website the holiday parks concerned have to be nominated and voted for by users and holiday makers.

The aim of the website is to help you find the best holiday parks in the UK as nominated and voted for.

This will be a handy resource for finding the best holiday parks in the UK.

Regional Holiday Park Sections

We will be featuring the top voted parks in England in a section dedicated to holiday parks in England.

There will be sections for holiday parks in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Another category that tends to be popular are seaside and coastal holiday parks.

… and holiday parks in some of the National Parks of the UK.

Getting out to holiday parks is a great holiday with the kids.

Many holiday parks have lots of activities for the kids to explore.

Swimming pools both indoor and outdoor swimming pools are very popular for the kids who can swim every day come rain or shine.

Lots of holiday parks have go karts and other fun things for the kids to do.

Evening Entertainment

One of the attraction of holiday park holidays is the evening entertainment most large holiday parks offer. Dancing, quizes, shows, and entertainment for the whole familiy.

Help us list only the best holiday parks in the UK by nominating and voting for those you think are “top


Follow the progress at



A number of regional UK camping websites came online in 2010 or are coming live in 2011 aimed at specific regions of the UK.

Campsites in

Our Campsites in Yorkshire website came on line in late 2010 and is in phase one of development.

We are at present in the process of contacting all the campsites in our central UK campsites directory that are located in Yorkshire to see who wishes to be featured in the Yorkshire Campsites site.

Campsites in Yorkshire

This is another example of promoting regional campsites and camping resources online in websites dedicated to those areas.

If you are the warden of a campsite in Yorkshire or run a Yorkshire camping businesses then Campsites in Yorkshire is going to be the place to be listed and featured.

A directory of camping sites within the Yorkshire counties with news and updates about camping in Yorkshire.

We will be coving North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and of course South Yorkshire.

Thse four counties make up a large part of the North West of England.

We will be featuring over 300 campsites in Yorkshire.

So finding lots of campsites and camping resources Yorkshire will be easy.

Campsites in Yorkshire is part of the International Camping Club UK sites.

Helping you find camping in Yorkshire!

You can follow our progress on the Campsites in Yorkshire website and on our central Twitter page.



Camping Equipment

2011 has seen the launch of a number of new camping websites featuring mainly campsites on a regional basis.

Camping however needs camping equipment so we are also launching a number of websites in 2011 aimed at promoting camping businesses that supply camping equipment.

Our aim is to link campers with the camping businesses or camping resources they are looking for online.

Our growing portfolio of website are keyword targeted to help online search results feature the camping resources being search for.

This brings a wider experience to the web surfer looking for camping resources online and increases the chances of featured businesses being found online.

2011 see the launch of Camping Equipment Suppliers (UK)

Our UK website (or one of them) aimed at promoting businesses that supply camping equipment is now in phase I launch on

Camping Equipment Suppliers

If you run a camping business that supplies camping equipment in the UK particularly (a global site is coming later) then we want to hear from you.

Feature your camping supplies business in the directory and on featured pages on the new camping equipment suppliers website.

Camping suppliers can not only feature their camping equipment they supply on the main website but promote special offers, camping product news and a host of other link building or promotional activities through our marketing opportunities for camping businesses.

We are fast becoming one of the largest network of camping related websites in the web.

Camping online is our main sector and  we will be actively growing the camping sector ongoing.

Camping business have one central place to register to gain potential access to advertising on a host of camping websites.

Our central camping club web site is on the International Camping website.

It is completely free to register on the International Camping Club for individuals, campsites and camping businesses.

Camping businesses and campsites can select which websites they would like to advertise on according to the size of the advertising budget. Simple single adverts or complex multi site adverts.

Directory listings and/or banner adverts.

So the question is if your a camping equipment supplier ….”can you afford not to advertise through the International Camping Club or on any of it’s associated websites?”

We will be featuring local camping shops and online camping shop websites and shops that supply camping equipment.

UK Camping Equipment Suppliers website:

Club Website:  International Camping Club



As you may have realised from some of our recent blog posts our network of camping websites is expanding rapidly in 2011.  This is just phase I though ongoing expansion is planned throughout 2011 and 2012 and beyond.

Campsites and

So what’s the latest addition to the portfolio?

Campsites and is now live and in phase I launch.

Coming to Campsites and Camping (UK) site are:

  • Directory of UK Campsites
  • Directory of Camping Shops and Camping Retailers
  • Links to other regional and specialist camping websites
  • Regional Camping Pages
  • and more

Our Campsite Directory site was launched in 2006 and is due a major upgrade in 2011. But 2011 also sees the launch of a further directory of campsites and camping retailers in the UK with a different feel and look on Campsites and Camping.

Campsites and Camping will be become another national directory of camping resources in the UK.

The Campsites and Camping website (UK) along with our regional camping websites such as Coastal Campsites (UK) mean that campsites have have different listings on multiple websites with a different, look and feel for each site.

More ways to be found on line means more camping visitors to your campsite or camping business.

Keyword targeted websites so that campers surfing the web find what they are searching for.

Campsites and is part of the International Camping Club network of sites, a fast growing network .

If you run a UK campsite or UK camping business don’t get left out. To get featured on our camping websites you need to be registered with the International Camping Club an internationl club that aims to bring together camping and camping resources from around the world…. online.

International Camping | 2011 Update

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The International Camping Club was originally launched in 2007.

International Camping Club

We are in the process of updating the International Camping Clubs’s website for a cleaner look and feel.

The ICC is a central place for Campsites and Camping Grounds to register and gain access to a growing network of camping website on which to promote their campsites and camping grounds.

There are already over 30 camping websites in the network and this is growing fast. Over the next year or two we expect to see this grow to around 200 camping websites dedicated to various regions, countries and types of website.

Some of the aims of the International Camping Club are to:

  • Link campers, caravanners and motorhome or RV’ers to camping websites
  • Help campsites and camping grounds promote themselves online
  • Bring together resources online to help campers find what they are looking for
  • Promote camping on the world wide web.

The International Camping Club is an independent club which is FREE TO JOIN.

Certain promotional activities undertaken by the club through a fast growing range of camping websites for campsite owners are subscription based but there is no charge to individual members to search the fast growing portfolio of camping websites that the ICC is involved in developing.

One central registration location at the ICC website gives campsites and campgrounds access to a huge network of marketing opportunities.

If you own or run a campsite, camping ground or camping business you need to get your camping business registered with the International Camping Club to gain access to these useful camping resources online.

Club Website:

Anyone who has been following our progress will no doubt have seen by now that what we are all about is camping websites.


2011 sees phase I of our launch of a number of dedicated regional camping websites.

Next launched in it’s phase I is Seaside

Seaside Campsites is an adidtional camping website in our Coastal Campsites section.

If you won or run a campsite by the seaside or near the sea then listing on our camping websites specifically aimed at marketing seaside campsites and coastal campsites if a great place to promote your campsite.

We are probably one of the largest network of camping related websites on the web and more are on the way.  We are setting our sights firstly on being market leader in this sector and therefore if you run a campsite or camping business if your not already registered with us or listed by us you are missing out on pitch bookings and camping sales.

With our Coastal Campsites website and a further website added at Beach Camping we are off to an excellent start in our Coast, Seaside and Beach related camping websites section.

Website address:

Our Central Camping Website:

2011 sees the launch of Campsites

Campsites Near is a new website where we will be featuring campsites near towns and places where you want to camp.

Campsites Near

Campsites near adventure parks and places to visit.

Campsites near towns…

Campsites near cities…

Campsites near theme parks…

Campsites by location…

Interested in featuring the campsite you own or run on Campsites Near?

Is your campsite near an interesting place, near a town people are likely to want to visit? Feature your campsite in the “Campsites Near” website.


2011 also sees the launch of Coastal Campsites (Worldwide)

We will be developing a global version of Coastal Campsites to feature campsites around the coast in various places around the world. For planning seaside camping holidays.

Coastal Campsites

Coastal Campsites (Global)

Camping by the sea is very popular lots of fresh air beaches to relax and enjoy with water sports from swimming to scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, sailing, surfing and more. Lots of opportunities to explore and relax or try something new.

Coastal walks, great views and lots of fresh air for everyone.

The coast is a natural attraction to many. As a popular holiday destination this also attracts local development of places to visit and days out like theme parks and adventure parks. Adding to the fun of holidays by the coast.

Coastal Campsites will make it easier to find campsites on the coast in various countries around the world.

We would like to hear from campsite managers and owners interested in featuring their campsite on the Coastal Campsites.

If you have stayed at a great coastal campsite you can nominate or vote for the campsite at Worlds Best Campsites.

Our central campsites UK directory can by found at Campsite Directory which features over 2000 UK campsites, 700 camping shops and retailers and 500 days out and places to visit. We will be launching an international directory of campsites at the International Camping Club website and on a dedicated featured website soon.

Website Address:

Contact points for Coastal Campsites

Anyone following our blog posts will have probably began to see that what we do is publish a growing number of camping related websites.

2011 sees the launch of Coastal Campsites (UK)

Coastal Campsites (UK)

Coastal Campsites ( UK Coastal Campsites

We will be developing the UK version of Coastal Campsites to feature campsites around the coast of the UK.

Coastal camping is very popular. Camping holidays by the coast give lots of opportunities to explore and relax. Great beaches for the kids to enjoy, coastal walks, great views and lots of fresh air for everyone.

Water sports and other activities make camping by the sea a refreshing holiday.

Coastal areas often have theme parks and other places to explore and enjoy.

Coastal Campsites will make it easier to find campsites around the coast of the UK.

We would like to hear from UK campsite managers and owners interested in featuring their campsite on the Coastal Campsites (UK).

If you have stayed at a great UK coastal campsite you can nominate or vote for the campsite (if already nominated) at 500 Best Campsites.

Our central UK campsites directory can by found at Campsite Directory which features over 2000 UK campsites, 700 camping shops and retailers and 500 days out and places to visit.

Website Address:

Contact points for Coastal Campsites