Phase One - Pilot Trail of “Campsites Reviews”

The International Camping Club is now introducing campsite reviews to a number of websites.

Campsites Reviews

Polls and surveys of our users and members is a growing part of what the ICC are doing to keep campers informed and to give campers a voice about camping issues.

A new website dedicated to campsite reviews from around the world about campsites from around the world by our users are members is now in phase 1 release.

The new central review website is on ”Campsites Reviews“ from May 2012.

However before introducing user and camper submitted reviews of campsites the ICC is undertaking a pilot trial in the UK.

Once we are happy that the submission process is working correctly we will be introducing and international campsite review section on the new Campsites Reviews website.

Focus on good campsites

There is a focus on good campsites and campsites that campers are happy to recommend to other campers in our campsites reviews.

Reading online rants, complaints and moans which are often bias and simply a knee-jerk reaction in many cases does not necessarily accurately reflect review of most campers experience of a particular campsite.

For this reason we are interested in publishing reviews of good campsites and campsite recommendations submitted through our review sites.

That is not to say that we will not be publishing constructive comments that are put in a polite,  fair and balanced fashion is campsites can benefit as well as the campers that visit them from constructive criticism or comments.

Also posting comments even negative comments online about a campsite can help to boost I campsites website ranking because of the link or links created in the post or article which can be counter-productive in trying to promote be good campsites around the world.

In fact someone with a grievance is far more likely to rush to the internet and start posting negatively that someone is likely to rush to the Internet to highly recommend. For this reason we will also be focusing on reviews of good campsites rather than bad.

Campsite reviews can also be open to misuse by competitors. How easy it can be to anonymously post negative comments about a competitor online potentially unfairly affecting their business organisation. This is yet another reason to focus on good campsite reviews and good campsite recommendations.

UK Pilot Trial of Campsite Rewiews

The International Camping Club is starting the pilot trial with UK campsites before going international on the website.

The UK trial is taking place from may 2012 on Campsite Directory and the 500 Best Campsites websites.

A new campsite reviews section has been added to Campsite Directory for this purpose.

We are encouraging ICC Facebook followers and members of the International Camping Club which is a free to join camping club to post reviews of good campsites around the UK to the new campsite reviews section on Campsite Directory.

If you know a good campsite in the UK you would love like to submit to the campsite reviews please visit the campsite directory to submit your review online.