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Campsite Directory
New 2012 Campsite Directory website

Our central UK directory of UK  campsites camping shops and days out and places to visit on Campsite  now has a new look and feel for 2012.

We are making a host of changes and improvements to the Campsite Directory website with a new more detailed directory planned for 2012-13 and currently under development.

Campsite Directory is easy-to-use and you can search campsites, camping shops and days out or places to visit in the UK by town, county or region or even part of the site or venue name.

Check it out to find over 2000 UK campsites,  camping shops all over the UK and over 500 days out and places to visit like zoos, wildlife parks, theme parks and museums.

We have also started tweeting links to some of the featured campsites in the  campsites directory section.

Campsite Reviews

We are trialling a new feature on Campsite Directory where our users can submit reviews of what they think are the best campsites in the UK.

Submitting a campsite review on Campsite Directory is now one of the new ways to nominate a campsite to the 500 best campsites annual survey.

One of the key aims at the International Camping Club  is to promote good campsites around the world.

We are focusing on encouraging campers to submit positive reviews the campsites are they think are good.

Strangely posting a negative review of a campsite that you dislike or had a bad experience at actually helps to promote our site as it often create a link to that campsite website and link building is one of the factors that helps websites do better in search engines.

In addition if you have a bad experience at a campsite it is tempting to rush to the Internet to post a highly critical review whereas people tend not to think I need to rush the Internet to post a review of the site they loved. This can lead to not only unfair reviews or unbalanced  reviews that can distort the impression of what most campers may experience in visiting the site.

If in submitting a campsite review you have some negative comments about a campsite we highly recommend that you put those in proportion to your overall camping experience or view of the site.

No one really enjoys reading other people’s “rants” hence our focus encouraging positive reviews of good campsites by our users.

2012 is the third year quest to find the 500 top voted campsites in the UK. please help by either nominating or voting for already nominated campsites.