Camping Club Support

The International Camping Club has introduced a new support site to make it easier for, campsites, advertisers, and camping businesses to work with the International Camping Club in promoting their camping business and camping resources online.

Camping Club is the ICC’s website dedicated to providing support and customer service particularly advertisers, directory listings, and camping busines on the growing network of camping websites promoted by the ICC

Camping Club Support

The International Camping Club typically works with the following businesses and organisations to help them promote their businesses, activies, services or products online:

  • campsites
  • touring parks
  • holiday parks
  • days out and places to visit e.g. theme parks, zoos, museums
  • camping equipment suppliers
  • camping manufacturers
  • camping exhibitions

The ICC is developing its new dedicated support website to make it easier for camping businesses and camping organisations to work with the ICCs.

The new support site includes:

  • a ticket system for submitting support queries or issues
  • online chat facility
  • a knowledge base for common questions, answers and information
  • and a news section

The support site is primarily for advertisers and camping businesses the ICC is working with to promote camping resources online.

Our blog (here),  support site and the International Camping Club webite between them give a host of resources and information to help camping businesses work with the ICC easily and in an organised efficient way.

One of our central aims at the ICC is to help camping businesses and camping organisations promote themselve online.  The ICCs invests heavily in this aim with a growing network of websites to achieve this goal.

So if your a camping business wanting to speak to the ICC the new camping club support website is a great place to make contact and track your contact with us online.

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