Launch of Camping With the Kids (UK)

The pace of expansion of the International Camping Club network of targeted websites is relentless.

In the UK there are easily over a million people that go camping every year many of those looking for great campsites for the family and great campsites for their kids!

Our aim at the International Camping Club is to promote campsites and camping resources online in a targeted fashion.

Our extensive network of campsites covers a range or regional or targeted websites.

Campsites in England

Campsites in Scotland

Campsites in Wales

Campsites in Ireland

Coastal Campsites

… being just a few examples of our regional camping websites.

Camping With The Kids

Different sectors of the camping community are looking for different tyoes of campsites so a growing number of our camping community websites are targeted and different sections of the camping community.

Our Adult Only Campsites site is aimed at adult only campsites but this is only part of the camping community being adults looking for quiet tranquil child free camping.

Campsites For Families

Our new “Camping With The Kids” website is aimed at families looking for campsites and camping resources for great family camping holidays with the kids.

2011 sees the initial launch of the “Camping With the Kids” website and over the next few months ready for 2011-12 we will be linking up with child friendly campsites to feature on the new site.

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